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3 Quick Updates for Your Master Bedroom

Hi friends, are you in need of a quick pick-me-up to bring your master bedroom back to life? This week, we’re covering three quick and easy updates that can COMPLETELY change the vibe of your bedroom with a few minutes of work, and one key tip to help you maintain work-from-home sanity over the long term.

First off, your master bedroom should be the ultimate inviting and relaxing space in your house. It’s the one place you rest, so try to eliminate the mess and clutter any way you can from the bedroom. Even if you have a toddler, or several children, and their mess extends to the rest of the house, aim to make your master bedroom a sanctuary. It won’t be able to accomplish its primary objective of allowing you to rest and reset your mind if you bring in stress and clutter. So give that bedroom a solid purge or cleanout first, then read on for our tips!

1. Invest in good quality bedding that won’t break the bank! We love Tuft & Needle, but there are plenty of great picks out there that offer eye-catching (or perfectly muted) designs, are soft and comfortable, and hold up to the rigors of your washing machine. Aim for a brand that does all three- your bedsheets and blankets or duvets should marry style, comfort, and durability.

2. Simplify your accent pillow situation. Otherwise you’re just creating another daily chore taking them on and off the bed. And when you get tired of might have a few extra floor pillows! (Definitely not speaking from experience.) One or two accent pillows are plenty. Etsy and Target both have fun selections if you are due for an update!

3. Update the bedroom lighting to reflect a peaceful atmosphere. Always go larger in size on bedside tables, it’s fine for a lamp to fill most of the surface. You want the option to have plenty of bedside light, and ideally have a dimmer within arm’s reach. We suggest checking out Foundry or Wayfair for great modern and contemporary options.

4. And one last important bedroom tip...we know many are still working from home during the pandemic, and for some of you, it may remain part of the long-term career plan. But we beg you, please NO offices in the master bedroom! Your mind needs to decouple your workspace from your resting space, so unless you want to negatively impact your sleep, do your best to avoid this combination.

That’s all for this week Tinsel readers. If you need help simplifying or getting a fresh redesign of your master bedroom, drop us a line today!



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