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A Quick Guide to the Perfect Throw Pillows

Here at Tinsel House up in Truckee, we’re past the brief “spring of deception” and firmly into “second winter.” So we’re focusing on staying cozy and comfortable inside when we’re not headed out to our favorite runs at Northstar. We love spending evenings with the kids curled up on the couch, and good throw pillows make that time together extra comfortable. But we know how confusing it can be buy the right ones, and how often we end up stuck with pillows we don’t like, trying to pretend we’re comfortable laying on oddly-shaped lumps. So today, we are sharing a few tips for choosing the perfect pillows for your space.

1. Less is More - When it comes to throw pillows, keep them simple and relatable to the space and audience. Too many can become frustrating and an exercise in futility. It might look great for a photo op, but most of the time they end up being thrown on the floor and put back later. Don't just buy throw pillows to toss around, choose throw pillows that make your bed, couch, or favorite chair the ultimate relaxation spot. A good rule of thumb is two max for larger pieces of furniture, and no more than one on smaller pieces.

2. Size Matters - Add dimension and variety by choosing throw pillows of varying sizes, this creates more depth and interest in your space. Similarly, be sure you are looking beyond square shapes! You can find lumbar pillows (rectangular), bolster shaped (rounded lumbar), and of course circular. Aim for pillows proportional to the pieces they live on. You do not want a few tiny pillows on a large sofa that won't even prop your head up when you lay down!

3. Balance Color & Print - These pillows do not have to be the focal point of the room. If that’s the look you’re going for, ensure the rest of your space is toned down. It’s easy to go overboard on color and print with pillow selections. When you go throw pillow shopping, it’s easy for that to be the only focus and ignore the rest of the room. Try to take into account the entire space where they live, and it won’t take much to make a big impact.

4. Comfort is Critical - Perhaps more than any other rule, make sure your throw pillows are comfortable. There’s nothing worse than trying to lean back into a brick, or even worse...a floppy, cushion-less bit of fabric. It’s worth figuring out what fabric types are most comfortable for your family. We believe it’s important to shop for pillows that have removable, washable covers- especially if you have kids. And we love feather fills around our house for the comfort and function it provides.

For more help with the little things like choosing the perfect throw pillows, or larger interior design work like renovations and home staging - Tinsel House Studio is excited to be your partner from start to finish. Get in touch with us today!



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