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Convenient Easy Finds Online for Your Kids Room in Your Mountain Cabin

If you’re looking to design a room for your little one in your new Tahoe area mountain cabin, keep reading! As you already know, kids can have very specific, and frankly grandiose, ideas for how they want their room to look, that can often be a challenge to achieve.

Unless you’ve won a spot on Extreme Home Makeovers, your kids probably won’t get that baseball stadium bed and walk-in batting cage closet. But with the right creative approach, a little childlike imagination, and some clever design inspiration, you may be able to achieve more than you think! 

  • Play Comes First: Always leave a good amount of space to play. Kids need space to get creative and make a mess so try to design around an open area, even if it’s small, and lay down a rug for activities.

  • Create Sections: Divide up the room with a simple curtain or piece of furniture, like a bookcase. This allows you to create a reading nook, a more private space, or a designated play zone. It can make the room feel bigger and more personalized.

  • Elevated Sleep: If you’re facing a space dilemma, you might consider a lofted bed if your child is old and mature enough. There are plenty of beds you can buy that are designed with stairs or ladders, and allow you to utilize the space underneath. Or if you’re more ambitious- look up plans and try building one yourself!

  • Ask Them: If you’re stuck trying to decide between the 90’s-retro bed sheet set or the abstract hand-drawn shapes, just ask your kid. They have opinions to share, and it will make them feel invested in their room.

  • Compromise: What style are they going for, and what style are you going for? Neon pink and yellow may be their first choice in paint colors, but how can you tone that down to realistically work in your home? Try to compromise on muted shades while you consider letting them decide on one loud accent wall of their choice.

  • Get Trendy: Teepees are popular for good reason these days. They work with a variety of styles, particularly any modern mountain cabin aesthetic. It’s also an easy way to create an intimate play area for your little ones.

As a busy mom of two outside of Tinsel House Studio, I have tons of ideas and experience with kids rooms! Contact us today to get started on the mini-me makeovers.



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