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Fall Colors We Love for Mountain Home Interior Design

The dog days of summer are behind us! You might hear a few more leaves crunching underfoot on your walks, and the brisk mornings and evenings are once again a regular occurrence. It’s definitely fall. But is your Lake Tahoe or Truckee mountain home representing the change in seasons? And no, we don’t mean pulling out the football jerseys for Sundays. We’re talking about sprucing up your space with some fresh fall colors and decor!

Today we’ll also go a little beyond color, and consider some favorite fall textures. 

Earthtones are a great, easy way to work some simple fall flavor into your home:

  • Browns: Consider different tones of browns from dark brown to light earthy tones- if your home (or cabin!) uses any exposed timber, there are ample opportunities to play with stain color. Brown can be a bit overpowering as a paint color, but it works great for decorative accents like photo frames, or an end table. Consider your natural surroundings- Tahoe provides tons of opportunities to incorporate dried plants, pinecones, logs, etc.

  • Greens: You might look to our friends in the UK for inspiration, a British racing green (an Aston Martin favorite) can immediately add a forest-y impact to your space. Consider green for the places that can be a bit devoid of the color- an accent rug, some vintage glassware, or if you really want to show off- a fun leafy wallpaper. For a local touch, look for some of that bright, almost-neon moss next time you go hiking. It grows well in the high elevations of Tahoe!

  • Oranges: It’s easy to overdo orange. But it also adds such a fresh pop of color to your home, just like the brightness that citrus adds to drinks. Consider a fall-appropriate shade, like burnt sienna or a muted bronze. Pumpkins are in season and easily bring natural orange into your home, a small cornucopia on a mantle or near the front door reminds everyone it’s the best time of year.

  • Neutrals: If you want to err on the safe side, there are plenty of neutrals that go along with your fall favorites. A warm creamy white plays nice with any earthtones or stained wood. A hazy grey blue can add a cool, modern touch that’s great for contrast. 

Whatever you do to bring out the fall season in your home, Tinsel House Studio is here to help you find the perfect colors for your Lake Tahoe or Truckee mountain cabin.



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