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Get Happier At Home

Now that we’re entering the dog days of summer, and the coronavirus quarantine continues, it’s time to make your home as happy of a place as it can be. Here in Truckee and Lake Tahoe, we are spending so much time inside that it's time to (re)set some habits. Here are a few tips we use to make the most of our home, help us stay sane, and ultimately keep us pretty darn happy as we shelter in place:

  • Get Sentimental - Look around your house, are there many pictures of family and friends? Perhaps some mementos from a favorite vacation or two? Experiences and memories of them make us happier than material goods. Maybe swap out a couple pieces of art or decor you’re not keen on, and show off last year’s family vacation photos instead. Especially right now, when we're all dreaming of a long getaway!

  • Make the Beds - It only takes a minute or two, and yes it’s a little annoying because you have to do it every single day. But once you’ve started the habit for a week or two, you’ll likely find it’s hard to break out of and will love the visual de-clutter it gives your bedrooms. Not to mention, it makes laying down for a quick nap or meditation that much easier! Even video meetings for work become doable from bed in a pinch...

  • Tidy Up - Clutter causes stress; there’s no way around it. Adding some order to your rooms will give you similar mental space to breathe and relax, even if there’s other stressors around the corner. Take just a couple minutes to bring each room back order at some point in the day.  Kids can make this difficult, and certainly can require more frequent tidying up, so time the quick cleans accordingly (like when they’ve gone to nap).

  • Purge - By now most of us have seen or read the wise words of Marie Kondo, has it inspired anything within you? Anything in your house not bringing you much joy these days? This idea goes hand in hand with tidying up, if you find things you don’t need to feel fulfilled or happy, instead of putting them away start that donation box! Now just be sure to actually donate when it’s full instead of finding ways back to closets and cupboards…

  • Own the Chores - There will always be laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and so on. None of which will ever do themselves. Make the most of the time you spend doing them by getting deliberate with your thoughts: These will be the cleanest dishes we’ve ever eaten on when I'm done. This laundry will be folded to perfection without a wrinkle in sight. If you’re going to do the chores, enjoy it with the right mindset and you may even discover a new technique to make the job go faster.

  • Treat Yourself - Light a candle. Take a hot shower until the tank is drained. Bake some cookies (or sourdough). Go sit in the shade of your favorite tree. Be sure you are taking the time to bask in the enjoyment of existence instead of trying to find the next chore or task to complete. They will still be waiting for you later, but you time is just as important, and not something we always create enough space for.

This list should get you started on making the most of your home, but if you need help getting organized or have a list of interior design ideas that you simply can’t get to, Tinsel House Studios is here to help. Drop us a line and we’d love to work together on all your interior design needs! 



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