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How to Choose Tile

Happy snow days Tinsel friends! We finally got a big storm up here in Truckee and Tahoe, the kind we measure in feet not inches. So while we’re staying indoors between runs to the ski slopes, let’s talk tile.

Today we’ll review several tips and important considerations when you are ready to choose new tile. With so many options and vendors on the market it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pick one of the first options you see...only to realize three months after installing you don’t really love it. So here are some of our best tips for choosing tile:

1. Always consider the entire property. Just like choosing paint colors, you want to be mindful that new tile choices still compliment other tile being used throughout the property. Consider classic contrasting pairings if you’re aiming to mix it up, and factor in not just the color but the texture and finish of the tile as well.

2. Do not walk into a tile store and purchase the first thing you like. Just because it is eye pleasing in the moment doesn’t mean it can totally work for your home! This will quickly lead to chopped up design decisions throughout your property. In our Oslo home makeover, we kept the old kitchen backsplash tile and chose new bathroom tile that flowed nicely to coordinate the spaces.

3. Always consider resale value even if you aren’t selling soon. A few years can go by quickly in terms of major home projects, and by the time you are selling you’ll want tile that is neutral enough to attract potential buyers. Consider if you are adding or decreasing the property value with your unique selections. In the Lake Terrace home, we kept it traditional and went with tile choices from Bedrosians.

4. Hire a professional to remove and install new tile. Be thoughtful about where you aim those DIY ambitions! There is nothing worse than getting halfway into a tile project, realizing it’s above your skill level, and then paying to have it redone. You won’t get those weekends back and you usually end up re-purchasing additional tile and supplies.

5. Find a designer whose style speaks to you and consider hiring them for selection ideas. Yes this means spending more time searching online, and probably spending more money, but many designers love a challenge and are open to partnerships like this. This approach may find you the one-of-a-kind look you’re searching for in your home.

Speaking of partners, when you’re looking to start the perfect tile makeover for your Lake Tahoe or Truckee property, give us a call at Tinsel House Studio and we’ll be your guide!



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