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How to design and setup a backyard get together - A DIY Guide for impressing your BBQ guests

Picture this: it’s 7pm and there’s still plenty of soft warm light in the sky. You’re relaxing with a glass of wine out back, the cool Tahoe air mixing with the delicious scent of a charcoal grill smoldering out. For the first time in a while, you’re safely catching up with a couple of your best friends you’ve hardly seen in months.

Long summer days and backyard gatherings go hand in hand, even now! We should all celebrate the extra daylight and great outdoors with a few of our favorite people. Kick back and relax with these tips for hosting an amazing backyard get together. It’s the Tinsel House Studios DIY Guide for impressing your BBQ guests!

  • Cover Your Space- If you’re hosting  in the afternoon heat, ensure there’s plenty of shade over seating areas. Try adding a shade sail for a modern look- if you already have sturdy trees or deck posts for mounting, it’s an easy way to spruce up your space for gatherings. 

  • Don’t Forget the Kiddos - Are you a parent, or will your guests have any? It’s wise to plan ahead with a few games and distractions appropriate to the age group you’re hosting. Set up an area for them to congregate, sit, and play.

  • Seating - More is better, even if you have to bring a few chairs out from the kitchen. And keep it spread out, for smart social distancing as well as easier walkways. Avoid the movie theater effect- no one wants to ask others to move to get to their seat.

  • Menu - If you’re hosting, you don’t want to disappear into the kitchen for half of the time. Plan a menu that can be prepared mostly in advanced, with a quick sear on the grill to finish up. If you have an instant pot, you can make fantastic ribs ahead of time that only need 5-10 minutes on the grill to finish!  It’s smart to have an easy crowd pleaser on the menu for the kids, mac & cheese or hot dogs usually work for us. 

  • Cocktails - If you read our recent post, you should know all about setting up that home bar for virtual happy hours- why not put it to good use for this occasion?

We want you to enjoy simple gatherings safely with those you miss, so try out our advice and let us know what other ideas you have. Tinsel House Studio is here to be your partner!



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