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Interview with We Dream Big

We had the pleasure of interviewing with We Dream Big for their Truckee Blog. Below is the interview in full and you can read more on their site.

We try to spend as much time outside as possible, but we would never underestimate the power of good home design. Home design can affect mood, comfort, and efficiency, and is always fun to show off during dinner parties. This week, we were excited to speak with Raegan Twisselmann who owns Tinsel Interior Styling and Staging Boutique here in Truckee. She runs her business on the idea that “life is way too short to not love the spaces you live, work, and play in.” As an interior designer, we envy her eye for style and have become obsessed with peeking through her Facebook and Instagram pages. Read on to see what inspires her incredible designs.

Twisselmann moved to Truckee full time in 2016. This move allowed her to focus on her design skills. Because of Truckee’s small size, she could focus on what she likes to do instead of doing “it all to make it” like she used to in a big city. As she was settling into the community, she loved getting to know everyone and expanding her client list. “It’s easy to figure out who you want to work with and who you don’t,” she says. Now, just three short years later, her business is thriving and her decision to focus on what she likes to do has paid off.

Though Twisselmann has designed for newer homes and homes during the building phase, her real passion is revamping vintage properties. She has a serious “love for old properties” that started when her family — husband and two children — moved into a 60’s Gambrel style home. “Moving has allowed me to focus my design skills on what I truly love doing,” she explains. When she can get her hands on a vintage project, she is careful to keep the “vintage vibe alive” by styling the space with treasures she’s collected throughout the years. “We can take any property and revamp for years of enjoyment,” she starts, “giving you not only a beautiful space, but an amazing small mountain town experience for [you and your] guests.”


What is your favorite outdoor activity in Truckee/Tahoe?

Floating the Truckee River! Tahoe City to The River Ranch Inn

Where is your go-to place when you need to relax?

Anything near water with the sun out! Lake Tahoe are my two favorites.

Where is your favorite spot to grab a cocktail or bite to eat?


Ski bum or beach bum?

Beach bum

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?

Tahoe Forest Church! Then lunch with the family after.

What is your favorite local Instagram account to follow?


Truckee is growing so quickly! What are you most excited about in this new development?

Meeting new people flocking here to get away from the hustle and bustle! Another grocery store won’t hurt either...

Find Twisselmann’s great work online on the Tinsel website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.



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