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Mountain House Kitchen Makeover

If you’re ready to renovate your Tahoe vacation house, great! Tinsel House Studios wants to help, and we’ve designed many looks in a variety of open format styles for the kitchen. Today we’ll look at a few popular layouts and looks, share tips on best uses, and considerations to plan for. 

One-Wall Kitchen

One of the most common kitchen layouts is perfect for an open floor plan. A long, narrow island gives you plenty of working and dining space.  These are great if you want to connect the kitchen to the rest of the house with a simple layout, and maintain a proper work triangle. Make good use of the wall storage. 

Double Island Kitchen

If you prefer to separate the kitchen work from the dining but like to keep your guests close by, consider the double island. This modern kitchen design demands plenty of space to avoid feeling closed in, and vaulted ceilings work best here to open things up. Be mindful of traffic patterns when designing. One of the biggest benefits is all the added storage of a second island-consider larger cabinets to hold oversized appliances. 

Corner or L-Shaped Kitchen

If you’re working with less space, a corner kitchen can make the most of it by taking an L-shape layout.  These offer a ton of design flexibility, and can create a very efficient kitchen triangle with the fridge, stove, and sink close by. Take advantage of the vertical space available for cabinets, as you don’t have the benefit of an island. 

Woodwork Kitchen

For those that want to preserve the Tahoe cabin feel throughout the entire home, this aesthetic can bring more exposed wood into the kitchen. Stained cabinetry, ceiling beams, custom panels, you can have it all and tie your space together. Dark countertops work well to provide ample contrast to your wood and stain. 

When you’re ready to re-design your kitchen, start a conversation with us at Tinsel House Studios and we’ll bring your interior design ideas to reality.



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