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Oslo House Makeover (Part 2)

Welcome back for part two of our Oslo House makeover, Tinsel readers! Last week we started exploring the full-home overhaul on a budget, starting with the exterior and working our way inside to the major resurfacing we did. Today, we’ll explore the rest of the house, with a focus on the bedrooms, bathrooms, and making the most of the available space.

Because this home is a modified A-frame, we had considerable roof slope to contend with. What does that mean functionally for the homeowner? Lots of wasted space. So we set out to utilize as much of it as we could, and started in the dining area by designing and building a custom L-shaped bench. We then had a custom cushion made for it, brought in industrial black chairs, a modern antler chandelier to make the most of the space. We were able to reuse the dining table, it blended perfectly with the other stained wood areas we had




The second floor bedroom also had sloped walls creating a lot of wasted space. We again worked around this by designing a wall of custom built-in twin beds. We were able to fit three beds, with a platform for each mattress, storage shelf, electrical outlet and sconce. This left us enough room to add a queen bed back in when we were done!



Moving on to the bathrooms, this home had two that needed some love. After reviewing the main floor bathroom, we opted to keep the vanity and tub...with some work. The vanity was repainted, and we retiled the floor and shower before swapping out the faucet hardware. Some of the wood-stained accents were kept to maintain that unity throughout the home, and installed new lighting to finish up the bathroom.


Heading upstairs, the second floor bathroom also needed a repaint on the vanity, new tile, and instead of keeping the tub-shower combo, we got a little bit ambitious. There was a small voided space in the wall we were able to remove in order to enlarge the tub-shower area with a new tub basin, and swapped out faucets.

Coming back down to the living room, we were able to maintain the existing gas fireplace with an easy facelift. It would have been a major cost to remove the fireplace and surrounding tile, so we left it as-is and painted the tile. I love this move as a fun and inexpensive way to revitalize tiles you don’t love- it won’t cost much and thanks to minimal (if any) foot traffic, you don’t have to worry about durability.

Like many older properties around Lake Tahoe, this one had a ton of classic hinged doors. There’s no time like now to swap in some beautiful barn doors! We painted them using the same dark gray from the exterior, and added matte hardware for a cohesive design.

To finalize this makeover, we furnished the home with our turn-key packages for a comfortable and trendy look. All told, we were able to take a tired, older property that slept six, to a newly refreshed property that now sleeps nine! This was a favorite project for how much we could accomplish on a limited budget. When you’re ready to makeover your own Lake Tahoe or Truckee home, let Tinsel House Studio be your trusted partner from start to finish!



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