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Revisiting The Home Office

Last time we talked about working from home, the country was just beginning to go into lockdown. And now a couple months later, “WFH” is both a widely known term and a new way of life for many. The movement seems like it’s here to stay, with many companies offering full-remote work as a permanent accommodation. So at this point, it may be time to revisit that temporary workspace and start to make the most of your home office, even if space is limited.  

If you’ve been working from home since early April, cheers! We are right there with you. It’s been an adjustment for many, even those who already have a dedicated home office. For the majority of us, it meant some degree of improvisation. And at this point that kitchen stool or couch may not be the best place to continue working 40 hours a week. 

So let’s talk design tips for making the most of that home office you don’t have:

First, do you have a desk? Use it. If you don’t, do you have room for a desk? Buy it. A desk can be essential for both the physical and mental compartmentalization of your job. It’s harder than ever to separate home and work life, but it’s also critical to maintain a separation. And because desks come in all shapes, sizes, and style, you can find one that fits your space perfectly.

If there’s no space for a desk, you may have to get creative.  A shelf that’s 10-12” deep can comfortably fit most laptops or a monitor and keyboard- just be sure it’s mounted into wall studs. Shelves also offer a standing desk opportunity if mounted at the right height, but we recommend a tall stool for seated breaks if you opt to go in this direction. If we can suggest one tip- keep it clear of clutter. Nothing makes it harder to focus than a perennial mess around the keyboard. 

Second, consider where to place that desk (or alternative desk). Think peaceful, functional, and accommodating. If you have kids, bless their hearts, but the social hubs of the house like the living room or kitchen may be more distracting than focus-boosting for work. If you have a less-used room that has good light, a solid wifi connection, and a little more solitude, that’s going to be your best bet. Don’t forget how much electricity you’ll need for any work devices, so ensure plugs are within reach. 

Third, think about that background and other decor of your new or modified office space. If you’re holding frequent video calls, you may want a dedicated background with a favorite artwork or something that adds a little personality to your virtual self. Avoid it from getting cluttered, both for your sake and that of your video peers.  And don’t neglect what you’re seeing too. When your eyes aren’t on the screen, they will wander the room looking for those points of visual intrigue. 

If you need more tips or help converting a quiet nook in your home into the ideal workspace, contact us at Tinsel House Studio. We’d love to make your office work for you!



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