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Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the season for warmer weather, flowering trees, pollen allergies, and yes...spring cleaning! Most of us have some additional time on our hands this year, have you considered going the extra mile on refreshing the design of your spaces? We like to think of spring as a time to clean AND reset, part of our process involves evaluating what we still like and what we want to change up.

How? Start simple and make a list. Draw three columns and title them Keep, Change, Purge

  • Keep is for everything you’d like to stay as-is in your home. Maybe there’s a plant-filled windowsill that gets just the right light, or an eye-catching piece you love seeing over the mantle when you walk by. This list is for the things you love that don’t need any refreshing, aside from a quick dust or tidy up to keep them looking their best.

  • Change is for anything you’d like to mix up. This doesn’t mean you want to get rid of it, but that it’s time to rearrange or tuck away in storage. Jot down notes about where else something might fit- another room, hallway, or even outside if it’s weather appropriate. Pieces in this category are fine to hide and wait to be re-inspired, but revisit any storage pieces annually to decide if they belong in the purge column.

  • Purge is for those items that have outlived their usefulness and no longer fit in your space. If you’re on the fence about an object, a furnishing, or even a plant, think back to the immortal words of Marie Kondo- does it bring you joy? If the answer is no, it's time to part ways. This doesn’t mean they belong in the trash! Consider other uses, like reaching out to that friend who complimented it in the past, or a favorite charity that could benefit from the donation. 

If you need help assessing and planning your spring cleaning list in the Truckee or Lake Tahoe area, Tinsel House would love to help. Contact us to learn more about our design services, including styling and DIY checklists. 



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