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Staging Project - Lahontan

If you’re looking for true Lake Tahoe exclusivity, have you ever considered Lahontan? It’s a highly sought after private community in the Truckee area that features beautiful mountain neighborhoods, private lots stocked with mature Tahoe timbers, and tons of great amenities like golf and dining. If you’re looking for a larger home in the classic Tahoe or modern mountain style, Lahontan may be the right community for you and your family to settle in for generations.

I recently worked on an exciting project to stage a home in Lahontan. This particular residence was a new construction build, furnished in preparation to be listed with top local agency The Riedel Group of Engle + Volkers. Here in Lahontan, natural materials are integrated everywhere, and nature blends seamlessly with the landscape. This home’s architecture is in the mountain modern style, and I needed the interior to reflect that. I wanted to share a bit about my design process and some photos of the results!

The beautiful new construction provided us with a modern blank slate from which to create, a monochromatic neutral backdrop for Tinsel House design! There is hardwood flooring throughout, fun lighting, trendy quartz countertops, and plenty of timeless accent tile that made up our starter kit.

I believe that good design should incorporate a mix of materials and finishes, it helps avoid a home feeling monotone or flat. This variety of textures, colors, and reflections creates interest and depth within a space. I was intrigued by Denver Modern, and thought they embodied a similar mixed materials aesthetic- their designs mix hardwoods, concrete, steel, leather, fabrics, and more. I am totally inspired by the natural beauty we experience living in Truckee and near Lake Tahoe. There is something truly special about life in the mountains, and I aim to showcase it in my design.

Being that the home was so modern, in true Tinsel House fashion, we wanted to incorporate some not-so-modern pieces to give the property a little more character and charm. We warmed up all the spaces by incorporating several Tinsel House turnkey furniture packages- items like fun area rugs, colorful accents, compelling mountain art, and practical furniture. Nothing too fancy! We wanted to create that cozy and inviting vibe familiar to those that know the mountains, and a perfect welcome to Lahontan.

When you’re ready to talk staging and get ready for market in the Lake Tahoe or Truckee area, contact us at Tinsel House Studio to help your home look its best!



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