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The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Houseplants Are Good for Interior Design, Mood, and Your Health

It goes without saying that houseplants look and feel amazing, especially when they are vibrant and healthy. However, incorporating more greenery into your design schemes results in a slew of other great benefits. From cleaning the air to boosting your mood, houseplants are versatile and readily available. Think you don’t have what it takes to keep them alive and thriving? There are plenty of plants that are close to impossible to kill. For those that insist they were born without a green thumb, we’ve listed some hearty plant options at the end of this article.

Indoor Plants Clean the Air

Plants are natural air purifiers and they filter out harmful gases, such as benzene which is found in some fabrics, plastics, and in cigarette smoke. Houseplants help rid the area of formaldehyde, commonly found in carpets, fabric softeners, dish detergents and cosmetics. Some of the best options for plants that promote a healthy indoor environment are spider plants, Boston ferns, and aloe vera (which also has great medicinal properties).

Indoor Plants Improve Brain Function and Mood

Need some creative inspiration or just want to boost your spirit? Studies show that being near plants results in improved creativity, cognitive functioning, and memory. So whether you work at home or in an office, place some plants around your work station and make the Monday blues a thing of the past.

Indoor Plants Refresh Your Space

Maybe you’re having an intimate gathering at your house or winter has shifted to spring and you’re ready for something new and fresh. Houseplants are an easy, inexpensive way to quickly change the feel of your space. Conveniently, you can find great hanging and table plants in the floral section at major grocery stores. Consider picking one up during your next five or six shopping trips. Before you know it, you will be benefiting from all the great positive effects of your plants.

Indoor Plants Liven Up Rooms

Sometimes, when it seems like something is missing, and your space feels a bit empty, a houseplant is the perfect remedy. Lining up a few succulents along a dresser or windowsill makes a huge difference in a room. Put a hearty palm on your night stand or hang a spider plant in the corner of your dining room. Grow some herbs in small pots and line them up on your mantel. There are so many different ways you can utilize greenery to spruce up your space.

Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants

Don’t have a green thumb or too afraid you’ll kill your plants by not watering them enough? Aloe vera, snake plant, philodendron, spider plant, golden pothos, and cactus are all hearty plants that can tolerate dry, low-light conditions. See a trend? Not only are these plants difficult to kill, some are great picks for cleaning your air.

Looking for inspiration? We are suckers for well-placed plants in the home and office. Plants gave this modern space a soft touch. This local commercial space looks clean and welcome with a sprinkling of plants put in strategic locations.

Next time you’re out and about, think about picking up at least one plant. For those on a budget, thrift stores are great for finding macrame plant hangers and decorative pots.

Feel like you still need a little more help with your project? Get in touch with us at Tinsel! We would love to look at your space and help you get the look and feel you’ve been dreaming about.

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