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These are the Colors We Love For Spring and Summer 2021

Hey Tinsel readers! Who’s loving this Spring weather so far? We got a little more snow up here in Tahoe recently but fingers crossed its the last of the winter snow!

I think we can all say that winter was LONG and I think a lot of us are ready for warm weather and bright colors. With that today we will be talking about our favorite Spring and Summer colors. These colors can be incorporated either with paint or accent pieces.



We love green! Whether it’s an accent wall or green plants around the house. The color green provides freshness and positivity. Indoor plants provide various amount f scientifically proven benefits, from reducing stress levels, boosting productivity, imporving your home’s air quality, etc. You can not go wrong with plants! Just remember not to over or under water them! If you go for green accent pieces, green walls, or plants, this color will give you that visual (and mental) boost of positive energy.

Aegean Teal

Move over Pantone, we are loving Benjamin Moore’s color of the year: Aegean Teal. This color is beautiful balances out warm and cool tones, that gives off a calming feeling. In any application can make a statement, but we are loving it on the walls! (pics of Benjamin moore)

Elle Decor

Vibrant Colors

A lot of people are working from home this year (and last year), we are all looking to find that pop of happiness in our spaces. This application can be done with paint, wall paper, or accent pieces. From jewel tones to vivid palettes, these can create a visually stimulating home and workplace!


Sunny Hues

Pantone Color of the year is 13-0647 Illuminating, and after 2020 it’s a perfectly fitting color since yellow makes you feel happy and it is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine. Whether you’re going to paint an entire wall yellow or just add accent pieces of yellow around your space, the color will make you feel optimistic and cheerful.

What Spring trends are you loving the most?

Need help adding some Spring and Summer trends into your place? Tinsel House Studio is here for you, contact us and we would love to help you!



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