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Truckee Thursday 2020 Cancelled

If this was any other year, this month we would be gearing up for Truckee Thursdays to kick off and go until the fall. However, due to COVID-19, the event has been cancelled for the full 2020 season. It’s a difficult but necessary decision to keep our local community healthy, since there’s no way to run a street fair safely in the middle of a pandemic. So while we’re waiting until next year to kick the party off again, we want to use today’s blog to fill you in on the purpose and history of Truckee Thursdays so that you’re just excited for it to return as we are.

Truckee Thursdays started in 2007, the annual event runs for 11 weeks in the summer and welcomes the community to enjoy and explore historic downtown Truckee. There’s live music on stage, an array of local food vendors, artists and artisans, small businesses, and yes, a beer garden! It’s a great opportunity to connect with the local community whether you’re a visitor, resident, or business owner. I’ve personally built many new relationships, both personal and business, by mingling with fellow attendees. 

So what exactly happens? By Thursday mid-afternoon they shut down the main drag to cars so that vendors can set up all along the block. You will see tents and tables for everything from local candle makers to leather crafters, restaurateurs serving up meals, as well as some great community organizations looking to spread the word. Once it hits 5pm, the public comes out in force to shop, eat, drink, and jam out as they stroll down Truckee’s main street. You can even snag some groceries at the farmer’s market, and a free shuttle service is offered to and from main Truckee neighborhoods, so leave the car at home! We always have a great time and are comfortable bringing the kids, as there are activities that cater to the younger crowd.  

Now to get real for a moment: Truckee Thursdays and similar events are a huge part of what helps our local artists and artisans succeed, and promote a thriving local economy through the summer months. The reality is that fallout from this cancellation could mean fewer businesses and faces next year, a truly devastating thought. We at Tinsel House hope for Truckee’s safe return to normal as soon as possible, and look forward to celebrating our town with you all again soon. 

So while we wait, do you have any favorite memories, foods, or businesses you discovered through Truckee Thursdays? Share with us in the comments!



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