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Vintage Holiday Decor Ideas

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of year because we get to deck out our homes with sparkly and festive vintage decorations (and it gives us an excuse to shop). If you’re into the vintage vibe as much as we are, you’ll have a ball scouring the aisles of the local thrift store or antique market for fun vintage Christmas favorites.

If you have a large wall in your home, think about picking up a vintage sled to hang, as a bright statement piece that sets the winter holiday mood. Antique sleds can be found at yard sales, antique shops, and online at Ebay, Facebook Market, and Craigslist. You can even cheat and buy “new” vintage sleds online (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

To bring an eclectic vintage feel to your home, shop for Christmas ball ornaments in a variety of textures, shapes, and finishes. Look for ball ornaments that are embellished with glitter and extra sparkle. If you can find them covered in jewels or beads, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

The best thing about vintage Christmas ball ornaments is that they don’t always have to be displayed on trees. As you flit about the antique mart, keep your eyes open for items that can be used as vessels to display your ball ornament collection, like that beautiful vintage cupcake stand in the corner. Use it for displaying a group of ball ornaments with a similar theme, like shiny pastel or glitter.

For a more upscale look, stack them inside a cloche, a bell-shaped covering for outdoor plants. When the lights hit it just right, it gives your holiday home extra brilliance.

If you stop to reflect back on Christmas at grandma’s house, then your memories might conjure up displays of small bottle brush trees. These come in various colors and you can add the vintage touch by displaying them in vintage tea and coffee tins lined with artificial snow. Get creative and line them up with fresh evergreen sprigs for a festive table centerpiece. If you get lucky, you’ll find Christmas table-top trees made of jewelry or beads for an even more festive ambiance.

Don’t forget the tinsel and garland! While it may seem gaudy, if you use it sparingly it can give your home that glittery vintage holiday vibe that’s affordable and simple.

Vintage crates are great any time of the year, but you can really spruce them up during the holidays. One idea is to create small Christmas scenes inside your crates with artificial snow and porcelain village homes, complete with tiny lights inside.

Finding vintage Christmas stockings to hang over the mantel gives your home a cozy, warm Christmas morning feel. Find stockings that look homemade or have detailed embroidery of Christmas scenes, Santa Claus, or smiling snowmen.

Welcome your holiday guests upon arrival with fresh pine and evergreen placed inside antique urns on either side of your front door. Top off your holiday porch decor with a homemade wreath on your front door. To give it that vintage spin, create your wreath out of small, antique decorations, like sparkly Christmas balls or wooden children’s toys.

The ultimate finishing touch comes with a complete set of vintage Christmas dishware. Display plates on a stand in your hutch or other shelving. Vintage Santa Claus mugs filled with hot chocolate or something more decadent like hot buttered rum, are always a hit at holiday parties.

Love the vintage feel all-year-round? Get in touch withTinsel House- vintage is our specialty.




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