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Vintage Markets and Antique Fairs Not to Miss

You’ll find unique accents, mid century modern pieces, and a variety of one-of-a-kind elements for your home that you’d be hard pressed to find online or at any retail outlet.

When hunting for that antique chest that will make the perfect compliment to your newly remodeled room or you need that vintage patio piece to make your backyard complete, head to an antique show or flea market. You’ll find unique accents, mid century modern pieces, and a variety of one-of-a-kind elements for your home that you’d be hard pressed to find online or at any retail outlet.

California has plenty of amazing options up and down the coast, but there are some really great out-of-state markets that are well worth the trip! Some believe that California markets can be a bit overpriced, so hit the road and check out what other states are doing! Make a weekend out of it and enjoy some of the attractions in between bartering with antique dealers.

Our list includes California flea markets and some really great, not-to-miss antique shows and markets in Washington, Texas, and Oregon.


Alameda Point Antiques Fair

With over 800 dealer booths, this is the largest antique fair in Northern California. On the first Sunday of every month, you’ll find home decorations and accents, furniture, pottery, art, and collectibles. Enjoy views of San Francisco as you peruse the wares. When you’re finished shopping, jump on the ferry and head to SF to celebrate your great finds!

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market on the second Sunday of every month in sunny Pasadena. You’ll find great deals on everything vintage, including chests, desks, magazine racks, and anything else your heart desires. It was described by one blogger as “the best thing to happen since Christmas.” Tame the excitement with a relaxing stroll through The Huntington Botanical Gardens, a must see in Pasadena.

Three Speckled Hens

Take a break from wine tasting and visit the Three Speckled Heads on September 28 and 29 in Paso Robles. Perfect for shoppers looking for “chic home and garden decor.” They’ve been ranked as one of the top antique shows in many trade magazines. Their more than 150 dealers travel from all over California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Wrap up a successful day of shopping at any of the over 200 wineries in Paso Robles.

Chateau Sonoma French Flea Market

You’ll feel like you’re in Paris as you nibble sausage and sip on rosé at this French-inspired market in Sonoma. Find great deals on curios and antiques as many dealers sell at wholesale prices. When you’ve quench your flea market cravings, check out the Sonoma Plaza for shopping and people watching - it’s the largest in California.

Palm Springs Vintage Market

On the first Sunday of the month (seasonally), look for vintage, retro, and mid century modern pieces in Palm Springs. They have a huge selection of items from every era. Perfect tie-in to your next vacation of poolside relaxing under swaying palm trees.

Vintage Market Days of Southern Nevada

This high-end market spans three days and is held in various locations in the US, with one popping up in Las Vegas on October 25-27. You’ll find everything from outdoor furniture to antiques to vintage-inspired home decor. Now you have one more excuse for a girls trip to Vegas!


Portland Expo Center Antiques and Collectibles Show

They claim that it’s the largest antiques and collectibles show in America. Find garden antiques, jewelry, retro kitchenware, antique furniture, collectibles, and the list goes on and on! They also have a 45 table custom knife show - see how knife makers forge steel and craft handles out of animal antlers. The next show is on July 13-14.


Farm Chicks Antique Show

Head up the coast to the “best weekend of the year.” The Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane, WA was started by a stay at home mom and spans 9,000 square feet to accommodate 300 vendors. Items are hand-selected, so you’re sure to happen on some great finds like vintage kitchenware and painted furniture. Make sure and visit Spokane Falls along the Spokane River to witness the natural beauty of their waterfalls.


Original Round Top Antiques Fair

One of the best antique fairs in the US is now in its 51st year. I can’t say it better than Barbara Cozier in Texas Home and Living, “Throughout the 30,000 square foot Big Red Barn and the nearby Big Red Barn Tent, you will find an irresistible array of beautifully displayed very early Americana, Texas primitive, and Continental furniture and accessories. The Continental Tent, new in the Fall of 2008, offers high-quality items from England, France, Italy, Spain, and other European countries − from country to formal, from small to large. This should be the starting place for lovers of American & European furniture much more!” Their next antique week is Sept. 30-Oct. 5 in Carmine, Texas.

Do all the options out there seem overwhelming? Get in touch with us! We’re experts in vintage and antique find and know how to incorporate them in any space. In the meantime - happy shopping!



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