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What will make or break your Mountain Home Remodel in Lake Tahoe?

Whether you’re buying a second vacation mountain home and are planning to overhaul, or already own and are looking for inspiration for a remodel, keep reading! This week, Tinsel House is going to be covering some make-or-break considerations for home renovations. We’ll offer some general tips, and some specific suggestions if you’re on a budget. 

First, prioritize the areas you are going to spend the most time and use that as a general guide for the renovations. The kitchen and bathrooms are almost always the most important parts of a home and thus come first. Then it’s time to think about living spaces and bedrooms, start with the master and work your way down. Last should be any accessory rooms or areas of the home that get less day-to-day use. We’ll tackle our recommendations in the same order...

Kitchen: The kitchen should feel cohesive with the rest of the house. Incorporate some familiar colors and surfaces that carry into other areas of the home. If you have a woodsy mountain cabin, renovating a kitchen with a totally modern style could be jarring- use thoughtful judgement and incorporate textures and colors that still work with your rustic aesthetic. Smaller changes like a new backsplash, or re-painting the cabinets can turn out to be incredibly cost-effective updates that give your home a fresh, modern look. 

Bathrooms: Out with the old, in with the new! Because these spaces are smaller and self-contained, you can take more design chances. And they’re easier to fully renovate- it’s not unheard of to strip a bathroom down to the plywood or framing. If you’re working on a budget consider replacing old fixtures, swapping out new LED can lights, and dropping in a new toilet (and bidet!). The big box stores have an abundance of pre-fab bathroom cabinets that can be installed in an afternoon- consider options like this for an immediate facelift! 

Living Room: These are the spaces where you spend your leisure time...and maybe your working hours during the COVID-era. Living rooms rarely need major renovations, as they are built for multiple configurations. Try another layout of furniture and some fresh decor before considering structural changes. Depending on the age of the home, you may want to knock down a dividing wall to create a more open, connected space. On the flip side, if you are trying to keep costs low, work with what you have. Instead of completely redoing your fireplace, paint it for a quick and visually impactful solution. 

Bedrooms: Like we suggested, start with the master before moving on to guest rooms. Combining two bedrooms to make a master suite probably won’t be necessary, but it could be an option for much older homes.  We recommend a simple approach- a fresh coat of paint, upgraded closet storage solutions, and new lighting to brighten up your bedroom. Less can sometimes be more! 

If you’re ready to start renovating your Lake Tahoe mountain cabin, Tinsel House Studios would love to help! Let’s connect today and get started.



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