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Advantages of Virtual Staging

If you’re thinking about selling a property or moving into a new house, there is so much to consider. On top of all of the packing, cleaning, and other prep work (or paperwork) you have to think hard about how you’ll want it to look, regardless of whether you’re buying or selling. You may be putting your best foot forward to prospective buyers, or you’re imagining how that new living room or bedroom could look once you're settled. One good option is traditional staging, which is a great way to show off a space but requires a lot of time, work, and higher costs. A more budget-friendly option to make your space shine is virtual staging

Virtual staging is similar to traditional staging in that you’ll be able to see what a property looks like fully furnished, with one big caveat: there’s no physical work involved. Which means there’s no furniture to assemble and arrange, no rugs to roll out, and no holes to drill in walls. All of the work is done digitally on computers using high-resolution photos of a room and careful manipulation to incorporate selected furniture and decor seamlessly. 

So if you’re getting ready to sell, you can give buyers a completely re-imagined interior with the insight of design professionals- and you don’t have to move a single couch or table! Virtual staging will produce extremely photo-realistic photos that can be added to your listing. This is especially relevant in the current time, where COVID-19 is keeping many buyers at home and limited to virtual tours of homes. 

And if you’re in love with your current home or moving into a new one, virtual staging can still come in handy. If you’re trying to save time and effort on redecorating one room or several, all you need is a few good photos. Professionals can do the rest and have it virtually staged in a matter of days just to your liking.

What if you’re interested in exploring a variety of interior design styles? Virtual staging has you covered once again! It’s far easier to swap in different furnishings within a digital photo than having all the pieces re-staged in your home. You'll be able to fully visualize your dream space before it's time to pull the trigger on new furniture.

If you’d like professional help redesigning your property, reach out to us at Tinsel House Studio for all your virtual staging or traditional staging and interior design needs!



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