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Blending Old & New

A well-designed home can be created using entirely period furnishings, or entirely modern decor. An alternative interior style to consider blends old and new seamlessly, drawing on the best qualities from several eras for a cohesive, lived-in space. 

Why would you want to mix vintage and modern? Several reasons, but let’s start with one of the most practical: you likely already have some inherited or sentimental pieces you don’t want to part with. Maybe you’re not quite confident about how they fit in your current home, and so they get tucked in the back of a closet or attic in favor of something a little more generic. Sound familiar? With the right partner pieces, almost any vintage item can get a second or third life in your home. It’s all about finding the necessary visual balance. 

Another reason to consider mixing styles is that only buying new pieces adds up quickly, and there are many affordable hidden gems to find in flea markets, antique stores, and yard sales. Half the fun with decorating is discovering those surprises that brighten a space and add a new dimension to your design. 

To get started, decide on the feeling or vibe for the room first. How do you already use the space, and what you going for: relaxed, elegant, cozy, eclectic? If it gets frequent use, you may want to go in a more functional direction. If it’s a room that is visited less, why not take a few more risks? 

Once you have an idea in mind, consider your color and style palette with visualization: pull together ideas in inspiration albums. Take quick photos of your favorite interior pieces (both old and new!) and create virtual albums for each room. Then start to add to your albums with photos saved from the internet- Pinterest or Google Photos are great for this, and make it easily accessible if you’re out shopping and can’t remember what shade of green that lampshade was. 

Achieve that stylish look you’re going for and avoid the potential for chaotic design by using beautiful, high quality objects that are enjoyable in their own right. Group and combine pieces that allow for each to be recognized. Contrast and juxtapose: clean against rough, metal on wood, natural versus synthetic, and of course: old and new. Try to distribute so objects aren’t only grouped in their time periods or styles, and vary your textures similarly. 

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is! Tinsel House Studios is here to help with any and all interior design needs in the Truckee & Lake Tahoe area. Contact us for help designing your perfect vintage modern space. If you’re just getting started, we offer services like virtual staging to visualize your dream room without lifting a finger! 



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