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You don’t have to live on the West Coast to appreciate and incorporate California Casual Interior Design in your home. Whether you live in a city apartment or a mountain cabin, you can bring the beachy vibe inside with these quick tips.

Easy breezy California Casual is just what it sounds like. It’s an interior design trend that is comfortable, inviting, and casual comes together with (seemingly) zero effort. It’s one of our favorite looks and we want to help you achieve it. Follow these tips and your friends and visitors will wonder how you pulled this look together so effortlessly.


Imagine you just stepped onto a sandy California beach. Take a deep breath and smell the salty sea air. Feel the cool breeze giving you that wavy beach hair look. Notice the green palms swaying in the breeze and the gulls gliding effortlessly in the wind. Take in the deep blue of the ocean. Now take all those colors and bring them indoors. Think rugs and furniture the color of sand with deep blue throw pillows and green plants of palm. Whitewashed walls are a true homage to the west coast beach bungalow and allow the darker natural tones to pop.


The California Casual style is all about kick-back vibes done in a cohesive and inviting way. Wall textures are always a good bet and say progressive yet cozy. Head to shops that sell local artisan goods and find a few macrame wall hangings for large, blank walls. Macrame plant holders in strategic locations are perfect for getting that west-coast vibe. Use natural and organic materials when you can, like Sisal woven rugs and linen. Even reclaimed wood can be used to create a really great conversation piece. Even if you’re in the mountains and it’s the middle of winter, earthy tones and light colored walls give your home a bright and fresh feel.


One of the keys to achieving the California Casual Style is to incorporate the natural landscape with in the home. Invest in green house plants that are easy to maintain. The best part of shopping for plants is shopping for the pottery it will go in! Local artists are best for this. Pick pottery that is handmade and unique. If you’re in Truckee, check out the beautiful and affordable ceramics made by Alanna Hughes. Don’t forget to include objects found in nature in your planning. On your next walk, pick up any really unique sticks, rocks, pebbles or shells you find along the way. Place them on tables and shelves or on a large bathroom counter.

We love the Casual California Style and we know how to integrate it into any space - even your office! We want to help you achieve the perfect look for your home, your room, or any other space. Get in touch with Tinsel so we can discuss your design project.



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