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Tinsel House Studio always begins with a complimentary walk-through. During the initial consultation, Raegan will assess each property’s potential including layout, lighting, views, structures and materials.

Step 1:

Style Quiz & Consultation

Take the complimentary Tinsel House Studio style quiz before scheduling your initial project design consultation. Raegan will meet you on-site to view the property and discuss your vision.

Step 2:

Custom Proposal

Raegan will create a custom proposal for your review including design suggestions for the property and the estimated time it will take to produce your desired space.

Step 3:


Proposal is approved + contract is signed. Design time begins as soon as the project deposit has been received. 

Step 4:

Design | Purchasing 

Using the preferences outlined in the Style Quiz and information gathered during the initial property walkthrough, Raegan expertly crafts individualized design plans for each space and works with her wholesale manufactures for needed items; all while diligently maintaining the project timeline and budget.  All selections are emailed to homeowners virtually for clients approval prior to ordering.

Step 5:

Install | Style 

Once all goods have been purchased, they are shipped + received at our local warehouse. As soon as the property is prepared for furnishings, Tinsel House Studio will deliver, install and style each component of your property’s design plan. 

Step 6:

Photo Shoot

Before leaving you to enjoy your newly designed space, and with your approval, Raegan will work around your schedule to coordinate a professional photo shoot. Tinsel House Studio appreciates the opportunity to showcase their designs and always accommodates owner availability.

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