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Design Trends for 2019

What’s In and What’s Out in Home Decorating

While personal tastes vary, keeping with current design trends makes your space feel clean and modern. Knowing what’s in and what’s out is helpful when you begin your decorating or design project and start gathering ideas for furnishings, paint colors, tile patterns and accents. The last thing you want to do is create a space that you might tire of quickly. The way our spaces are decorated lend to different feelings and moods. Make sure your space is conveying the right mood for you and your guests. We’ve put together this quick list of what to look for and what to shy away from in home decoration.


Do: Gather easy pieces that give that effortless, stylish look. Casual California is very popular right now due to its thrown together, but clean look. You can achieve this with wooden benches, sculptural chairs, and couches that are muted in tone. Mid century modern furniture is timeless and always a great choice — think simple and functional pieces with clean lines, and comfortable, simple, solid fabrics. Anything eco-friendly, like furniture made from bamboo will always serve your home well. Vintage finds are also really great, but try and steer clear of gaudy or overly lacey items. Anything made by local artists are awesome as they make perfect conversation pieces!

Don’t: Take up a major amount of space in your room with large pieces of furniture. Steer clear of chunky pieces. In the mountains, the traditional “cabin” style with lounging bears and gaudy curtains are definitely not going to lend to a stylish interior. Try and avoid the log cabin look.

Paint & Tile

Do: A fresh coat of paint or a newly tiled wall is sometimes all you need to refresh a tired space. Neutral paint colors like grey and white are always going to work, but if you’re looking for something with a little more character, dark greens, soft clay, mustard and apricot are big right now. When shopping for tiles, the classic subway tile in white always works, but feel free to think outside the box, and seek out anything that’s handmade, cement, or patterned. Look for colors that will compliment or contrast nicely with your furniture or other pieces. Pink is in!

Don’t: Try to gravitate away from brown paint shades, and when selecting tiles, forego travertine and glass.


Do: Lighting does wonders for interior spaces. The type of lighting you decide to display will contribute to the overall mood that you are trying to convey. Don’t think you have to use the same style in every room — an industrial pendant that looks great in your dining room might not transfer to the bedroom, where a softer vintage style might fare better. Rustic industrial lighting with metal as its mainstay is trending right now and not looking to go away anytime soon. Mid century modern looks will always work — you’ll be creating a space throws back to a nostalgic era while also being lively and current. Look for some great vintage finds at antique shops. Anything with a black matte finish or in antique brass will give your home a soft, yet modern feel.

Don’t: Fluorescent bulbs are not going to give your space a warm or welcome ambiance. Instead, purchase crisp white light bulbs and install a dimmer to control the levels.

Window treatments

Do: When it comes to windows, there is so much out there to think about with shades, curtains, rods, blinds and more. Focus your decorating energy on simple rods with solid panel curtains. Keep your windows uncomplicated with clean space-saving shades.

Don’t: Metal mini-blinds and fancy or busy custom fabrics should be avoided!

Home decorating and design can seem overwhelming with all the options available in furnishings, color schemes, lighting and more. Make it easy and stick with one theme per room, or mix and match, but do so in a way that makes your space feel cohesive. Think in keeping with strong lines, natural tones, and clean and easy designs. You spend a lot of time in your space, make sure it gives you a feeling of peace and happiness.

Need help figuring out styles and how to use them? Tinsel specializes in creating and updating rooms and homes so that your vision becomes a reality.

Get in touch with us, we would love to hear more about your vision and project.



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