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Get ready for Lake Tahoe ski season, Tips and Tricks for winter gear storage and usage

Do you already live in the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area, or aspire to? Is your living situation at all related to your passion for outdoor winter activities? If the answer is yes, and for many of us here it is, you probably dedicate a fair amount of space to storing all your winter gear.

Do you have an entire dedicated ski closet, or perhaps a wall of snowboards in your garage? As much as we love hitting the slopes with our kids, we had to come up with storage solutions around the home to make it a less expansive hobby. Read on for some of our tips and tricks we’ve discovered and have used to help clients:

  • Ski & Snowboard Racks - These operate exactly how they sound. Once you’ve got them installed on free wall space- ideally in the garage, or a waterproofed closet/mudroom, you can put your best pairs away without worry. Just be sure you’ve got a solution for the drips, and enough spots for all your skis and boards.

  • Summer Storage - When the warm weather hits and the ski slopes shut down until next year, it’s good to have a seasonal storage plan in mind. Make use of an unused guest room closet and some long bins for a simple solution. Or if you’d like something more permanent, consider having a closet custom-fit with appropriate shelves, drawers, racks, and nooks to store all your gear. If you don't have much space, under bed bins are perfect for storage.

Click here to shop this coat rack Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

  • Wet Clothes - Hang those ski jackets up to dry, don’t stuff them in the closet right away to prevent moisture from accumulating. Put some large hooks, or even mount a coat rack up near your other winter sports storage. This way you can give your jackets and other wet clothes some air, and space to drip safely. They’ll dry faster and cut down on the funky odors that can arise in a cramped, dark closet.

  • Boot Care - Be sure you have something better than a soggy towel that lives on the floor for your boots. Consider a thicker water-absorbing rug, or a silicon mat where the water can pool and evaporate. The last thing you want is wet boots on bare wood floors, as the moisture can soak in and cause those lovely boards to warp.

If you’re as excited for the start of ski and snowboard season as we are, then you probably have some version of the above working for you. But if it’s not working so well, and you want help upgrading your winter sports storage with custom-designed, thoughtful solutions, get in touch with us at Tinsel House Studio



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