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Home Staging Considerations to Sell Your Lake Tahoe Mountain House - Part. 1

Are you considering selling your Lake Tahoe mountain house? Are you prepared? Have you thought about doing any staging? Ok, enough questions. Today and next week, we’re going to focus on STAGING!

We will list some important considerations that will help you sell. If you are in the process of getting ready or have already listed, it’s still not too late to make some changes and really wow potential buyers!

1. Stick with Neutrals

Maybe you designed a bedroom around a bright red color scheme. While you may like it, others may not. We recommend re-painting in neutral colors throughout the house.

2. Front of House

The first thing prospective buyers will see in-person is the front of your house. If you have dead patches of lawn or overgrown bushes, it's worth spending an afternoon (or hiring a crew) to spruce things up. Similarly, consider your front door and the impression it gives- is it long past its prime? At a minimum consider fresh paint, or invest in a new one.

3. Depersonalize It

Don’t you just love all those photos of your family on the walls? Sorry, but they need to come down. One of the key goals of staging is helping prospective buyers visualize it as their own. Aim for a blank canvas with style and charm- but devoid of those personal touches that can remind them of the seller. 

4. Clean!

No one wants to buy a dirty house. While your listing pictures can avoid some grimy details, once folks start to show up for a tour, a dirty home will mean they look elsewhere. From shiny floors, to crystal-clear windows, to spotless counters and yes, even scrubbed grout, make those surfaces *sparkle* for prospective buyers! This is the one of the cheapest, if not easiest ways to help your home put its best foot forward. You may want to bring in the pros if it’s a serious undertaking, or for specialized work like wood siding, roof and gutters. 

5. De-Clutter

Similar to depersonalizing a home, prospective buyers will quickly turn around if they sense they’re walking into an episode of Hoarders. Staged homes are not cluttered homes by design, as you want to achieve as much of that blank slate effect as possible. This is much easier to achieve if you’re not living in the home full time, but if you are, look at storage solutions from closet organizers to storage units for the excess stuff. 

That’s it for now- next time we’ll review a few other key staging considerations like specific rooms, aromas and scents, and how to play up that dream lifestyle that buyers can’t resist.



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