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Home Staging Considerations to Sell Your Lake Tahoe Mountain House - Part 2


Last time we focused on several important staging considerations for your Lake Tahoe mountain home when it’s time to sell. We’re picking that conversation up where we left off, as there is plenty to discuss around this subject! At Tinsel House Studios, we consider everything involved in staging a home to sell, and have helped countless customers 

6. Dining Rooms

Aim to style your dining room with emphasis on the table. The dining room is often a missed opportunity when decorating, but it can make a great impression when staging. Between dinners, a large table looks fairly uninviting, so style it with guests in mind. Avoid oversized decor or coming off too formal, try to do something simple and timeless, like a series of smaller vessels along the middle of the table. 

7. Smell

Smell is one of our strongest and most evocative senses, and background scents we’re used to in our own homes can be quite jarring to a different nose. Consider if your space smells like pets, it will be far more noticeable to others. Cleaning can go so far to hide the evidence, but you may want to light a candle or bake some cookies ahead of the open house! 

8. Dream Lifestyle

At a high level, part of the focus of your staging should be to create a lifestyle people desire and look for when house-hunting. Try to play up what your area or street is known for. If you have a house in a quiet, grassy neighborhood? You might try putting up a bench swing, or perhaps a hammock in the backyard to give it a welcoming touch.

9. Backyard

Speaking of swings and hammocks, don’t neglect the outdoors. Even if you only have a tiny little balcony, you can take advantage of its coziness with a bistro patio set, a fun tablecloth, and a vase of flowers. When potential buyers see this scene all dressed up, they’ll be thinking what a charming nook for breakfast- not how small it is. The more space you have, the more you can set the stage for buyers.

10. Floors

Last, be sure to take a close look at your floors. Giving them a deep cleaning, and that includes steam cleaning carpets! But that’s just the start- older wood floors may seriously benefit from a refinish. And very dated carpet is best to remove. Decor can help out with damages, the occasional strategically placed area rug can go a long way.

That’s it for our major considerations for staging, we hope this has been an insightful look, and if you didn’t catch Part 1 - go back and read now! If you’d like more help with upcoming home staging projects in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area, give us a call at Tinsel House Studio today.



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