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Lake Tahoe and Truckee Interior Design inspiration (Part 1)

Many homes around the Lake Tahoe and Truckee region take advantage of the cozy natural surroundings when designing their interiors.

The cabin style has always been popular in the area, and it makes it easy to coordinate your home with the natural elements.

Designing in the mountains immediately allows you to have a bit more fun with the design. Redesigning and modernizing a Tahoe mountain cabin is a great way to give it a new life for you and your family, whether it’s your vacation home or a new permanent residence!

Read on for some fantastic tips for mountain home interior design…

  • Have Fun: For many of my clients, Tahoe homes are secondary, which allows them to take an edgier approach to their interiors. Be it through a more rustic tile, colorful Tahoe art, fur and velvet accents, or more modern furniture pieces. Being in the mountains is inspiring in itself, and allows for the flexibility to really play up colors and textures.

  • Get Cozy: We have big temperature swings around the Tahoe area- frosty mornings can lead to sweltering midday sun, so coziness and comfort is always key! Consider ceiling fans to keep the air moving in the afternoons, and a few favorite blankets around the house to stay warm at night. Because you are typically in Tahoe to relax, the home interior should reflect that feeling. Make your mountain home inviting, it can be a place to get away from it all and provide you with a true sense of relaxation!

  • Incorporate your Interests: The Lake Tahoe surroundings are so beautiful, the changing seasons allow for an endless amount of outdoor activities. Some clients like to incorporate details and elements from their hobbies to personalize their interior design. It's always fun to mix in art and decor based on these unique clients interests - the mountains provide an abundance of interesting subjects for all to enjoy!

  • Consider The Elements: You probably have an interest in some outdoor sports if you own a home in the Lake Tahoe area- skiing or snowboarding? Hiking? Watersports? These hobbies will make you consider things like dirt, snow, and more seasonal wear and tear around the house. If you’re selecting carpets, tiles, or rugs, you’ll need to think about their durability with the elements. This also can make storage more of a challenge, I know many skiers and snowboards that need a dedicated closet space or an area of the garage for all their gear. You will want to make sure to have easily accessible, eye pleasing storage solutions for these items.

That’s it for this first installment of Lake Tahoe and Truckee interior design tips, next time we’ll be going a bit further into the interior design choices you can make to refresh a dated mountain cabin. If you need help making the most of your mountain vacation home, please contact Tinsel House Studio today! 

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