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Lake Tahoe and Truckee Interior Design inspiration (Part 2)

Welcome back- it’s time for our second part on Lake Tahoe and Truckee interior design inspiration ideas. If you missed our first post click here, we talked about having fun with the design and making it feel like a cozy mountain cabin, while also incorporating your interests into the design AND storage space for those interests. We’re switching gears here to talk more tactically about some common design themes and questions to ask around your home’s design.

What Kind of Visitors: If you’re buying a home in the mountains, you can bet you’ll be having visitors stay over to make the most of your property. If you’re expecting it to be family and friends, you may want to invest in more fanciful decor and more personal touches. But if you’re potentially turning the property into a vacation rental, select utilitarian pieces that can stand a little more wear and tear if they’re being used by others. Take that into consideration when making big design decisions, like the seating, beds, or side tables. Ideally, you can find pieces that achieve both your look  and hold up great over time- and Tinsel House can help!

If You Might Resell: Traditional suburb design can be a great safe bet for your Tahoe mountain cabin, especially if you’re thinking of a shorter-term ownership. It is typically a comfortable and practical design approach for everyday living- the kind of vibe you want in the mountains. Lots of gray and beige, and practical furnishings that don’t require a ton of customized installs. Design wise, you can keep it simple with family photographs and several sentimental trinkets from over the years. 

If Primary Residence: Go ahead and take more risks, you’re the one living with it! You likely have plenty of objects and favorite decor you’ve accumulated over the years- there are ways to work in your personal classics while modernizing in other areas, and ultimately bring a fresh eye to the design of your dream home. Remember, this home will be lived in, so design for it to be a little rougher around the edges- thoughtful nooks for stuff, plenty of space in the junk drawer, etc. 

Renovating: There are many older homes around Lake Tahoe and Truckee that could use a freshening up  for the next generation from a new owner. If you’re buying with big design dreams in mind, let’s partner up! Tinsel House Studio has plenty of experience, including a floor to ceiling overhaul of our own 1970s gambrel- so we’ve been in your shoes. It’s not easy but the end result is often worth it, and can be the best way to make the mountain cabin home of your dreams. 

When you’re ready to tackle the interior design projects for your Lake Tahoe or Truckee mountain cabin, we are always here to help. Contact Tinsel House Studio today!



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