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Valentine's Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Tinsel readers! We hope you have a great one planned for this Sunday, whether that’s simple or extravagant. I love to celebrate with flowers!

My husband Seth always knows to get me a my favorite-- Wildflowers! Snow in our Truckee climate makes them difficult to find, a mixed bouquet from your local florist incorporating some of the nearby growing climates makes the perfect bouquet. Farmers markets usually have some great options as well typically including bouquets of fresh lavender (who doesn't LOVE the smell of fresh lavender?!) Flowers can be a mood booster too, especially this time of year when snow and grey skies blot out the color, flowers add a burst of color to your kitchen or bedroom. So today we’ll be sharing a few ideas for decorating with flowers, and we’ve got a tip on a new local flower shop in Truckee!

  • Tip 1: Keep it Fresh. Flowers are one of those things, like seafood, that are best enjoyed fresh. For vibrant colors and longer displays, avoid wilting by fertilizing the water up front. If you don’t have fertilizer, a pinch of sugar and vinegar can help. Or, try putting the vase in your fridge overnight to add days to the bloom!

  • Tip 2: Know Your Decor. There are two schools of thought with this one- coordinate or contrast. If you want your bouquet to blend in and add texture or nuance to a theme, coordinate the flower colors with the location they will be displayed. If you want your flowers to pop then by all means go bold, and find a spot where they contrast their surroundings.

  • Tip 3: Place Them In Sight. Those fresh flowers do no good if you aren’t enjoying their beauty and scent. It may sound simple, but we recommend you put your flowers somewhere you regularly walk by, like a kitchen island, or where you can see them from a favorite seat. Save the guest bedroom displays until the day they arrive.

  • Tip 4: Trust the Local Experts! If you’re looking to pick up the perfect dozen roses or bouquet for your significant other (or need to drop a hint), Truckee has an awesome new local florist in town called Love + Lupines. I can vouch for the beautiful custom arrangements created in their fun shop. You can browse bouquets, score a new house plant and discover small gift items from local artists. Did I mention they deliver?!

If you need any help with floral gifts this Valentine’s Day, we can’t recommend Love + Lupines enough. And if you need help decorating your Lake Tahoe or Truckee home with flowers, or anything more ambitious, Tinsel House Studio is here to be your guide!



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